Category 1 Inspections – Are You Informed?


If you’re a board member, a building manager or just a unit owner of a typical New York City-area condo, chances are your building is equipped with elevators. Compliance codes can get very complicated for elevators. Not only are the codes complicated, but they are constantly being updated and modified. Board members and managers should have a qualified, licensed elevator company like Pride and Service to keep their elevator equipment up-to-code and in compliance.

New York City elevators have to have a basic test/inspection known as Category One every year and a more rigorous test known as Category 5 every five years.  A Category 1 inspection includes tests of all safety devices, all cables used for suspension, compensation and governors; the entire hoistway; clearances; alarms, communication devices and emergency lighting; and general housekeeping (the machine room, pit, top of the car).

If a Category 1 test turns up with a relatively minor problem, the elevator contractor has 45 business days to correct the condition and must file an “affirmation of correction.” In the event of a serious or hazardous condition, though, the elevator must be immediately removed from service, repaired, and restored to service only after it is retested and verified.

The paperwork for these annual inspections must be filed within 45 calendar days of the test. Inspection and test reporting must be signed by the maintenance contractor, the witnessing inspector, the agency director of witnessing inspector, and a representative from the building. Any violating conditions found on these annual inspections must be completed within 45 business days of the filing of the report. Fines up to $3,000 per elevator can be imposed if paper work is not filed on time or if violating conditions are not corrected.

With fines ranging up to $3,000 per elevator, one building with 4 elevators can be looking at $12,000 in violation fees. When these fines get overlooked and proper steps are not taken, over a few years these fines can double. Today, many building owners and managers are being blindsided by these fines. The fines have compiled over a few years and buildings now owe tens of thousands in fines. It is in the best interest of any building owner or manger to seek the services of an elevator company such as Pride and Service to help avoid these issues.

Pride and Service Elevator helps our customers avoid these fines by tracking each step of the testing process. We have an in-house administrator that dedicates her time to compliance. When a customer retains us to service their elevators we make it our duty to keep owners property managers and superintendents up to date with all aspects of their elevator equipment. Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest standards of service. We can take all your building’s elevator needs, and help you avoid heavy fines and violations

For more information about codes or inspections, please contact us today.

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