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Are Your Elevators Safe?


Back in 2009, the New York Times posted a story about one of the city’s public housing agencies that violated the rights of it’s tenants with disabilities and other health problems by failing to properly maintain it’s elevators. According to a federal class-action lawsuit, some people were reportedly left stranded for hours during frequent breakdowns. Seven different tenants accused the agency of “widespread and systemic failure to maintain the elevators in its buildings in operable working condition,” which is in violation of disability and human rights laws.

In another case, a 5-year-old boy was killed when he fell 10 stories down an elevator shaft while trying to escape out of a stalled elevator. According to elevator experts and the city’s Department of Buildings, the electrical problems that led to this particular accident were tied to faulty maintenance.

In East Harlem, it is reported that many tenants have elevator stories of their own. Bad elevators have forced these tenants to alter daily routines, develop coping strategies, accept entrapment in a six-by-four-foot box as a constant possibility. In some of the buildings, elevators are down so much that people have become accustomed to just taking the stairs. While some might view this as the healthier rout, that is not always the case. What about the pregnant woman who has a two  year old that she has to carry up 12 flights of stairs? Or the elderly man who walks with a cane and has increasing back problems, and has to climb 8 flights of stairs to his apartment.

Elevators serve a very necessary purpose in today’s society. How do the elevators function in your building? Do you get many complaints about your elevators stalling, shutting down, failing to work at all? Do the doors open all the way and is the cab floor level with the entrance way when people step in? Do the elevators in your building cause you stress, because you constantly have to deal with complaints and worry about the expense of fixing them?

Elevator accidents, daily malfunctions, and tenant complaints can be prevented. Regular maintenance by a professional elevator company can put many of your worries to rest. Pride and Service has been in business for over 25 years, and we know the importance of providing quality elevator service for our customers. Besides maintenance services, we also provide necessary safety testing to ensure that your elevators are as safe as possible. The money that you will put into constantly repairing your elevators is far greater than the cost of hiring an elevator service company.

Remember, when people enter your building for the first time, it is typically the elevator that gives the first impression. Make sure that first impression is the best it can be. Call Pride and Service today for more information about how we can help maintain and service your buildings elevators. Fill out the form below and someone will get back to you promptly!