Are Your Elevators Ready for Winter?


Preventative maintenance is always the cornerstone of continuous operation and long life span of your elevators. Natural causes such as weather can have many adverse effects on safe operation. As we head into the winter months, it’s increasingly important for building owners and managers to be aware of how cold weather can affect your elevators.

It’s important to keep your elevators running safely as the colder weather comes. Watch out for snow or water buildup in the lobby landing and car door sills. The wind in New York City can be very powerful and many times it can impede door operation. Wind in the winter months can cause elevator doors from closing as the elevator shaft is like a chimney and the wind sweeps from the lobby up the elevator shaft.

Keep machine rooms climate controlled to prevent issues with elevator controls and motors. The biggest cold-weather related issue for elevators is often the fluctuations of temperature. If the temperature drops too far below around 70 degrees, you could face functionality or efficiency issues. Elevator rails can dry out over time – especially in dry weather. This can increase the amount of friction between the elevators moving parts, causing a noise. If this happens, make sure to call Pride and Service right away so we can send one of our technicians to fix the problem.

Proper preventative maintenance is very important during the winter months. Give us a call and we can set up a maintenance package with your building to make sure that all of your elevators continue to be reliable and operate safely.

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