Are Your Elevator Doors Not Closing Properly?


As the weather continues to get cold and windy, many building owners and managers experience issues with their elevator doors not closing properly. These issues are directly associated with an increase in wind this time of year. Elevator hoistways are very similar to wind tunnels, and constant airflow creates a large amount of pressure in these shafts. The only escape for this air pressure is when the hoistway doors open and close. As the doors open and close, air pressure rushes in and out. Many times, this prevents the doors from closing, which then prevents proper latching of the interlocks and keeps contacts from matching up. This results in a broken safety circuit and failure of the elevator system and operation.

How does this happen? The existing reel-closure system in hositway doors has a coiled up spring encased with a hub in the middle and a cable butt ended to the casing. When the door is open, the spring is wound up to it’s tightest point, and the tension is at it’s highest. When the door closes, the spring torque decreases, as so does the cable tension.  Clearly more tension is needed when the doors close.

These issues with hoistway doors not closing is one of the most common phone calls we receive at the office. Here at Pride and Service, our goal is to make sure that we solve all of our customers elevator issues, and provide a solution that will prevent these problems from happening in the future. With that in mind, we now have access to technology that will allow hoistway doors to close properly regardless of the wind pressure. This new product is a re-designed reel closure which will replace all of the closers on each floor on all of your elevators.

Have you experienced issues with your hoistway doors not closing properly? Are you interested in learning more about this product? We would be happy to answer all of your questions, and help you make sure that all of your elevators are functioning at 100%.

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