M-RL: Machine-Room Less Elevator


The machine-room-less elevator is the result of technological advancements that often allow a significant reduction in the size of the electric motors used with traction equipment.  These newly designed permanent magnet motors (PMM) allow the manufacturers to locate the machines in the hoistway overhead, thus eliminating the need for a machine room over the hoistway. This design has been utilized outside the USA for at least 15 years and is becoming the standard product for low to low-mid rise buildings. It was first introduced to the U.S. market by KONE. Product acceptance was initially slow in the U.S. market because of its initial, limited applications, its inability to meet U.S. code requirements, and the limited number of manufacturers offering an equivalent product.

In the past few years,  elevator manufacturers have overcome the obstacles to acceptance of the MRL product.  All of the other elevator manufacturers are now marketing their versions of the MRL, and the product offering has been expanded to include many of the more popular elevator sizes and speeds.  In addition, local code officials have become more receptive to the technology; most are now allowing the equipment to be installed in their respective jurisdictional areas, at least on a case by case basis.

Benefits of MRL elevators:

• The use of the MRL elevator will save a significant amount of energy (estimated at 70-80%) as compared to hydraulic elevators. The power feeders for the MRL are also significantly reduced due to the more efficient design and the counter-balancing provided with traction equipment.

•  The MRL elevator eliminates the cost and environmental concerns associated with a buried hydraulic cylinder filled with hydraulic oil.  Over the years hydraulic elevators have come under greater scrutiny relative to environmental concerns due to the buried hydraulic cylinder.  Because the MRL elevator is a traction elevator with all its components above ground, this is not a concern for this equipment.

• The MRL elevator utilizes a gearless traction type machine, which results in superior performance and ride quality compared with hydraulic elevators.  MRL’s can also operate at faster speeds thus increasing the perception of quality over a conventional hydraulic elevator.

For more information about Machine-Room Less ELevators, please give our office a call!

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