Modernizing in the New Year


The modern elevator is a machine, which theoretically, could last indefinitely if proper care and maintenance was given, and parts and components were replaced on a regular basis. But this doesn’t mean, however, that it will always be useful, or efficient, or even safe. Pretty soon, social needs, along with current technology, will change, and with it, the way the elevator should function. This is most especially evident with changing building, life-safety, fire, and elevator safety codes. And this is where elevator modernization comes in.

As we have talked about in previous blog posts, elevator modernization is the process of upgrading the critical parts of the elevator in order for it to be able to handle new technology, have better performance, improve safety, and even give the aesthetics an up-to-date appeal. Typically, a modernization will affect the controller equipment (the part of the elevator that controls the movement of the elevator through the floors), the hoist machines and motors (the part of the elevator that does the heavy lifting), electrical wiring and buttons of the cab (controlling the lights, destination floors, etc.,) even the tracks of the doors are sometimes modified and changed, all to keep the elevator up-to-date. And to the aesthetics conscious, paneling, electronics, and additional style changes can also be done in the interior of the cabs.

To start the process, an elevator modernization plan will have to be created – which Pride and Service would take care of. This process will determine which parts of the elevator will have to be modernized, the scope of the procedure, and most importantly,  making sure that code compliance is met. Elevator modernization can save you a lot of headaches in the future, and it’s something building owners or managers should really consider in the new year. Give us a call today for more information! (908) 967-6074

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