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Pride and Service Elevator, established in 1983, has locations in New York and New Jersey. Our two locations helps us provide quick response to emergency trouble calls.  Our Manhattan office is stocked with a plethora of replacement parts for many of the elevators running in NYC. Our Cranford, NJ office is centrally located and houses thousands of replacement parts. Cranford is our hub for all modernization components. We ship components from all over the United States to our Cranford location.  Once the components arrive, they are inspected for quality and the staged in a climate controlled warehouse until they are required at the job site.

Most elevator companies tell you that they are different, as they provide you with personalized service. In today’s economy, personalized service is mandatory and should not be what differentiates a good company from a great company.  We know what Building Owners and managers are looking for in a GREAT company!  We are experts when it comes to  Dept of Building issues, Project Management, code compliance, customer communication and year end budgeting.  Many companies provide their customers with cookie cutter modernization. We approach every Modernization project with a focus on aesthetics, functionality, cost, and Sustainability.

For over twenty five years, Pride and Service has been designing unique and innovative elevators. Each project is handled with unique perspective and integrity. Pride and Service has established itself as a leader in the industry. Ingenuity and an eye for solutions makes Pride and Service the obvious choice!

Make sure to visit our website at www.prideandservice.com



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